Romeo & Juliet

This show was created as part of our intensive three year professional acting course. Our remit for this project was to take a text like Shakespeare’s that a young modern audience may find difficult to understand or follow and make it accessible and entertaining for the six to twelve year old age range. Chocked full of original music, dancing and fighting it’s proven to please audience of all ages.

Sally Cookson, Director of the highly acclaimed, Olivier Award Nominated “Peter Pan” thought it was “'A terrific piece of theatre. Playful and imaginative with great ensemble work. I've often thought R&J is one of the hardest of Shakespeare's plays to do as it is so well known and done so often… did brilliantly to breathe new life in to it. My fifteen year old daughter also really loved it.'

We will be at the Bosco Theatre , from 1st August to 18th August at 11 am. each and every day.

First Date: 
Thursday, August 1, 2013
Last Date: 
Sunday, August 18, 2013