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New Mutiny Theatre Company return from The Fringe!
6 August 2013
New Mutiny Theatre Company return from The Fringe!

New Mutiny Theatre Company return from The Fringe!

As debutants at the world famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe we didn’t have expectations of making much of a fuss from our little tent in the Assembly George Square… but we were wrong…

Our first show had only around twenty-five in the audience but amongst those were Kelly Apter, renowned theatre journalist for The Scotsman and The List, possibly the two most prestigious (and harshest) reviewers at the fringe. We didn’t hear back for a week or so but when we did we were pleasantly surprised! FIVE stars in The List (a free festival magazine on widespread distribution) and being the only Family Friendly show with this accolade, things started to pick up…

We had some more nice reviews including a full page spread in The Times and healthy audiences from then on, including one David Baddiel who saw us and loved the show enough to tweet about it! All members of the company worked almost ceaselessly to promote the show, the guitar never stopped on The Royal Mile, there were constant phone calls to newspapers and other reviewers, and even less glamorous tasks too… paper clipping stars and reviews to thousands of flyers is important but it’s no mean feat!

Everyone saw plenty of theatre too in any spare hour between lunch and ‘flyering’ and a great time and experience was had by all… but as for next year? Who knows…

There has been talk from people who came to see our show regarding tours in various parts of the world so watch this space as New Mutiny’s Mutineers may unfurl their sails once again in the not too distant future…

Thank you so much to all the wonderful and generous people who helped make this possible, we are ever grateful.

All our Love;

New Mutiny Theatre Company

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